BRIDCUL has been incorporated as a company with the following main objectives:

  • To construct, execute, carryout, improve, work, develop, administer, manage, control or maintain all types of bridges, buildings, highways, roads and other infrastructure projects.
  • To plan, execute, carryout,improve, manage, control or maintain any infrastructure project e.g. expressways, roads, bridges, buildings, ropeways, tunnels, flyovers, airports, townships, etc. and levy, collect toll or award the infrastructure project on its own or through a company, firm, cooperative society, individual etc on the basis of a suitable public private partnership modality.
  • To maintain a panel of independent experts, consultants, engineers, laboratories etc. to plan, advice, execute, manage and examine the quality of the work being carried out by the Corporation or any other agency, on the instruction of the said agency or the Government of Uttarakhand, with or without the charges.
  • To develop and provide consultancy and construction services in India and abroad.

The creation of BRIDCUL stands as testimony to the Government of Uttarakhand's commitment to provide a strong, credible and proactive institutional mechanism for leveraging private sector initiatives for Infrastructure Development.

Recent Updates

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  • Scholarship Form For Meritorious Students;Terms and condition

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  • Result of Interview held on 07.09.2019 for the post of Project Manager on Deputation

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  • Advertisement for appointment of General Manager (Civil) on Deputation

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  • NIP for providing consultancy services for Design and Planning for construction of Proposed girls Hostel at Govt. Polytechnics Sahiya ,Garur and Nainital Uttarakhand

     02.08.2019 Download
  • Advertisement for Appointment of Project Manager on Deputation

     02.08.2019 Download
  • Corrigendum 1 for Extension of last date of submission of Invitation of Expression of Interest for Independent Engineer for the work of "Development of Passenger Ropeway System between Thuligad and Purnagiriā€under PPP Model 2 Call.

     01.08.2019 Download
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